PlasmaOX is a batch heat and surface treatment machine for metallic components, as well as semi-finished products such as plates, bars, ingots, tubes etc. PlasmaOX is custom made for a variety of different applications such as bright annealing, solution annealing, stress relieving or hardening. It allows rapid yet uniform heating and cooling rates to meet the temperature profiles for the most demanding applications.


Finished product quality benefits:

  • Superior, bright surface finish
  • Uniform mechanical properties throughout the charge
  • Homogenous grain size in cross-section
  • No loss of material that occurs with mechanical or chemical treatment
  • Uncompromised surface composition
Heat treatment: Annealing, stress relieving, hardening
Surface treatment: Descaling, nitriding, controlled oxidation
Material form: Components, plates, bars, ingots etc.
Process type: Batch

Process features:

  • Rapid and uniform heating and cooling
  • Different purging gas options: hydrogen, nitrogen, argon
  • Quick production cycles
  • Clean, environment-friendly heat treatment
    • No need for acid or mechanical descaling
    • No hazardous chemicals handling
    • No rinsing, no drying
    • No sludge treatment and waste water disposal
  • Low production and maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption
  • Low purging gas consumption
  • Short heating up, cooling down times
  • Small facility footprint per tonne of output
  • Small power connection per tonne of output