Plasmabull – CleanTech Incubator

Over the last two decades the world has seen an accelerating progress in the fields of material and surface sciences as well as nanotechnology. Plasma technology has been playing a key role in this trend.

Industrial applications of plasma technologies can be found in many industrial sectors such as semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, photovoltaics to mention a few. Most of plasma applications in these sectors relate to small scale micro- and nano-applications.


Plasma technologies have been slowly embraced also in the large scale applications such as metals and plastics industry, and more recently also in some CleanTech fields.

The metal processing industry for example is renowned for its dirty chemical processes that have seen little fundamental change since industry beginnings. It is in these dirty and environmentally compromising processes where plasma has the potential to bring the greatest benefits. There are countless applications in the vast metals and plastics industry where plasma technology could be put to use but has not yet been considered seriously.

Why PlasmaBull?

Plasmabull was set up as a development platform for introduction of new applications of plasma technology in the industry. Plasmabull works in a partnership with manufacturers, research institutions and government funding agencies to bring the benefits of clean plasma technology to the wide range of industries.

Companies that are interested to develop their applications in a partnership with us will benefit from Plasmabull team, well-equipped R&D facilities, access to proprietary know-how, proven development framework and financial assistance in terms of government backed R&D funding.